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Energy, Agriculture and More: Applications and What’s Working Today

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David Bird
Journal of Unmanned Vehicles Systems
Jeff Sloan
National UAS Project Office Manager
United States Geological Survey
Victor Ingurgio
Research Psychologist
United States Army Research Institute
Robert Blair
Idaho Grain Producers Association
Russ Metzler
Director UAS Services
Asymmetric Technologies



The integration of unmanned aerial systems into the airspace can create 12,000 California jobs in its first three years. UAS testers are actively experimenting with UAS to harness wind and solar energy off the coast of California, which could produce a major boost to the renewable energy market.

Another major factor in this job growth is the potential for UAS in agriculture. Crop monitoring can change how farmers’ plan their fields, when they plant for the season, and determine what harvesting methods are most effective. Panelists will showcase how UAS technology has been tested in the United States and how it can drastically alter how we harvest food and energy.


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