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USI 2016 Conference

San Fransisco, CA | October 3-4, 2016

The mission of this educational forum is to drive innovation and the effective use of unmanned technology throughout the private sector, government and commercial industries by bringing together thought leaders and innovators from all stakeholders in the unmanned systems landscape.

The conference will feature three full days of networking, workshops, keynote presentations and timely panel discussions addressing unmanned systems technology topics such as outlook and growth, international and domestic uses, investment opportunities, application to commercialization, technology challenges, and future uses.

About our events

Each year, USI hosts a series of events & programs which promote improvements and foster the adoption of unmanned systems. USI events are designed to support multi-stakeholder organizations who are navigating through current trends, regulatory policies and strategies in an attempt to utilize these systems across all industries. USI programs include a variety of guest speakers and keynotes representing many diverse sectors within the unmanned systems industry. Speakers provide expert advice, practical recommendations and reactions related to the most pressing issues.