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Reese Mozer Discusses AUVSI Xponential & the Future of Agricultural Drones on Monday, June 13th at USI 2016

Monday, June 13th  Reese Mozer will be speaking at the 2016 …

Interview with Lily Bengfort on the UAS Growth Sectors and Applications

Wednesday, June 14th  Lily Bengfort will be speaking at the …

Interview with Mike Chumer on the Future of UAS Use for Emergency Response Scenarios

Wednesday, June 15th  Mike Chumer will be speaking at the …

An Interview with Robert Katz on Unmanned Systems and Cyberattacks

Robert Katz Disaster and Terrorism Advisor, FEMA Business Development and …

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That section, called the Special Rule for Model Aircraft, prohibits FAA from regulating model aircraft, including small unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), that are flown for hobby or recreation. “The restriction by Congress has limited the FAA's ability to fully regulate model and hobby UAS to the point that ... [...]
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The SMM recorded fewer ceasefire violations in Donetsk region and more in Luhansk region compared with the previous reporting period. Small-arms fire hit an SMM unmanned aerial vehicle near Sentianivka. In Dnipro, the Mission followed up on the condition of a three-year-old girl who had been ... [...]
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The SMM subsequently lost connection with the UAV. About two hours later, “LPR” members returned the UAV to the SMM and said that they had recovered it from a field 200m north of the abovementioned checkpoint. The SMM saw that the UAV's front right motor had been hit by a [...]
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Waymo, Alphabet's ride-hailing subsidiary, has gained approval to begin transporting humans using driverless cars in Arizona. According to a new report by Quartz, the state's Department of Transportation has granted Waymo a permit late last month to operate as a Transportation Network Company in ... [...]
Sat, Feb 17, 2018, Continue reading at the source
... car spinoff Waymo is getting ready to launch its own commercial ride-hailing service — without human drivers. Quartz reports Waymo got approval in late January to operate as a transportation network company in Arizona. That means instead of continuing to offer free rides in its autonomous ehicles, ... [...]
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