Panel – Future Growth and Innovation in Unmanned Systems | Unmanned Systems Institute

Panel – Future Growth and Innovation in Unmanned Systems

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DAWN M.K. ZOLDI, Colonel, USAFStaff Judge AdvocatePrinceton University Helmuth RitzerCTO, moovel Alain KornhauserDirector of Transportation Program, Princeton University
Keith KaplanCEO, Tesla Foundation/


Hulsey Smith, Chairman and Executive Officer, Aero Kinetics



The many ways we use the Internet today were unimaginable when it was being constructed years and years ago. Similarly, unmanned systems will one day be used in ways that most of us would never envision. What opportunities and innovations may become commonplace across the globe 10, 20 or even 50 years from now? Panelists will discuss how much unmanned systems can grow and how prevalent they can become in our daily lives.


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