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Whitepaper: Unmanned Systems Insurance

How the growth of UAS and AV will affect the insurance industry

An emerging market and dramatic shift in future claims

Insurance companies have long been set in their ways of covering home, auto, health, and life, but the emergence of unmanned systems is creating new opportunities while shrinking others. The rise of unmanned aerial systems (or drones, as they are more colloquially known as) has generated a whole new sector of insurance, which it self is already a $1 trillion industry according to SNL Financial. Meanwhile the rapid development of automated vehicles poses a major threat to an industry that thrives off most American adults having a personal vehicle. Automated technology is growing everyday and it is imperative that insurance companies stay ahead of the game or risk damage to their bottom lines and their clients’ well being. Connecting with industry leaders and learning about the newest trends by attending conference (such as the Unmanned Systems Institute 2015 Conference) can go a long way in an insurer’s strategic plan for adopting unmanned vehicle insurance coverage.

Research Overview

There are numerous areas in which a new model that relies on a “community of communities” and a network for information-sharing can foster the growth and practical application of unmanned systems. USI research projects are a beginning point for greater stakeholder collaboration to achieve the widespread use and accelerate research through the effective application of unmanned system technologies.

USI research groups are charged with providing strategic guidance and tactical support for topic specific areas related to technology and the role it plays across industries. Each group exists to articulate an innovative voice for the range of technological advancements that continue to impact the unmanned systems community.

By providing domain expertise, leadership and guidance, each project produces cutting edge research, guidelines, best practices and new approaches to effectively leverage these tools. Project members are recognized as industry leaders in their functional area who are passionate about making a meaningful contribution to our industry. Research findings and recommendations serve as an invaluable tool for industry professionals and their organizations to capture unrealized benefits that unmanned systems technologies & solutions can provide.


USI is implementing various research initiatives through real-world projects, each of which has both an immediate benefit to one or more stakeholders and will serve as a resource to organizations and professionals that need it most. Projects are conceived, developed and executed by participants through a series of meetings hosted by USI that meet virtually and in person. Opportunities exist to present at meetings hosted by USI and at other industry events across the country.

Research Project

USI has convened a number of research projects to advance the community’s knowledge and understanding of the role unmanned systems technology plays in our lives and across industries.

How we work together

To ensure that all organizations have a voice in the process of conceiving, developing, and implementing research projects, USI has developed a process comprised of face-to-face and virtual sessions for working groups to develop requisite documents and collaborate in an online environment.

Each project member is invited to attend meetings and teleconferences, and to define a role that fulfills their own organizational objectives while advancing the transformative effect of unmanned systems.


USI has a growing list of capabilities that its participants can contribute to Institute activities. These may include industry reports, resources, services, or tools and cover a range of deliverables. We understand that you are a busy professional with numerous commitments and have designed research project participation with that in mind. Participation is comprised of a 3 or 6 month commitment, and during that time group members are expected to meet once in person and participate in a series of conference calls working toward project goals and objectives. Our goal is to work with you developing resources that will directly benefit your peers, colleagues and the unmanned system community.

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