Brad Koeckeritz | Unmanned Systems Institute

Brad Koeckeritz

Division Chief, Unmanned Aircraft Systems, U.S. Department of the Interior


Provide expert level management expertise in the coordination, scheduling and execution of the Department of the Interior (DOI) unmanned aircraft (UAS) program. Responsible for the development of a comprehensive strategy for the procurement, management, operation, maintenance and disposal of UAS technology to support DOI natural resource, law enforcement and fire management missions. Work with various interagency groups to create DOI policy pertaining to UAS operations within DOI. Act as lead instructor and sole UAS inspector pilot for DOI. Manage Fleet of 100+ DOI unmanned aircraft. Coordinate with the FAA on the implementation of the DOI UAS program. Oversee the DOI applications for UAS flights within the national airspace system. Collaborate with the OAS safety and program evaluation division during investigations of UAS mishaps within DOI. Provide periodic field inspections of UAS operations for the purpose of quality assurance. Draft complex documents including policies, procedures, Department Manuals, and Operational Procedure Memorandums. Participate in national level committees for managing the interagency fire and aviation program. Maintain current IQCS red card qualifications and work with DOI bureaus to promote the safe integration of UAS into the natural resource environment. Serve as a member of national type 1 incident management team. Qualified CFI, CFII, MEI